"A piece of jewelry is often a piece of art. But it only becomes valuable when emotions are added to it."

~Esther Lighart

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Kimberly Carman Designs 
on Etsy

You can shop for the latest designs from home!  Visit Etsy to view all available pieces or to create a custom jewelry piece made just for you.

Kimberly Carman Designs


Many years ago I had the great privilege of apprenticing under a local Portland, OR goldsmith who taught me the basics of jewelry design and fabrication, wax carving and casting.  The metal bug had bitten hard and I immediately went out and bought my first jeweler's bench and began to build my tool collection.


Inspired and intrigued by the power of the torch, and delighted by the surprise and color patina brings to metal, I began to make my own jewelry and implement those processes into my designs. 

Kimberly Carman

Kimberly Carman Designs
are one of a kind

Nicole Nance

I own several pieces of Kimberly's jewelry and I love each piece equally.

For me, Kimberly's esthetic is a perfect blend of understated and statements making.  I add a new piece to my collection every few months!

Sloane White

Kimberly is always making new stuff to wow us! I’ve used her incredibly unique pieces in my editorial shoots and I have always been impressed with her professional quality.

Melanie Jackson

This is a woman who is driven and responsible and cares deeply about her work and her clients.  We at TearSheet PDX love and respect her. We feel very grateful to have her on our team and to call her friend.

Tammy Linn

I appreciate her professionalism, responsiveness, and enthusiasm for the fashion industry. Kimberly’s unique hand-crafted custom pieces make a unique statement for the perfect look each time! Thank you for the undeniably cool creations!